come inside us

Need a fable.

While I walk deep into the woods, 
I see some shimmering lights. 
And there underneath the moss, 
are working dwarves.

I can, I can not move, 
dont want to hurt them. 
Motion - motionless I stand, 
They keep on working.

I wait, wait for my raccoon 
He'll show me around in his 

And Oh! it is so beautiful, 
so dark and filled with fruits. 
Let me, let me sleep 
through the next winter.

I am, I'm gonna feel so free, 
prepare the lair just fine. 
I wanna be the raccoon's wife, 
but i am way too large.

I kiss him softly on the nose 
and wave our kids goodbye

I turn my back on the woods 
and wait for the bus to 

I hope the city has a lair 
for me ... to be.


photos by Szymek

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