come inside us

Colours of vintage photography.

There are so many things in life I am crazy about. The sun, colours, dance, laugh.. Today will be about colours. I was always the biggest fan of their lively language. They explain, create a mystery, fill with energy. What a great power they have. Colours paint the world and make it joyful. When I do have a bad day and I want to cheer myself I look around and smile to the colours.

Below, a few photos which confirm what I have already written.
The source is National Geographic Found Tumblr site.  Truly recommend this site :)

Thomas J. Abercrombie, Venezuela 63

 phot Bruce Dale, Missouri 1965

 Anthony Stewart, Italy 1956

 Robert Moore, Brazil 1944

 James P. Blair Mali 1966

 Gordon Gahan Texas 1980

 Dick Durrance Dacca 1972

 Charles Almon Rio De Janeiro 1965

 Winfield Parks, Rio De Janeiro 1962

 Bruce Dale 1965

 Howard Sochurek South Korea 1969

Robert Moore, Bolivia 1927

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