come inside us

Think for yourself. Aloud.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
Coco Chanel

Today's topic are brain activities. Thinking is a key to being curious. Curiosity is about exploring.
Exploring is an useful tool to discover our sensitivity. Sensibility makes us attentive to the world and that is a treasure.

Below, cotton dress made in Sweden.

Choose vintage. Say no to fast fashion.

Choose vintage. Say no to fast fashion.

Below, must see for everyone, not only for photography or movie fan.
It is an interesting position for those who are emotional and thinking human beings.

The film- The Salt of the Earth- is about the photographer Sebastião Salgado who is documenting human suffering and beauty of the earth. The movie is full of photos which do most of the talking. The soundtrack of Laurent Petitgand is hypnotic. The Wim Wander's piece is heavy but it is worthy of every stains left on ours souls.

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  1. super fotki

    Znalazłam ostatnio w sklepie żarówki Osram. Ale miałam beke z tej nazwy xD