come inside us

Time to transform.

Positive energy and a bomb of creativity. I mean Little Dragon of course. They play music you wanna listen on a sunny day in your car or when you are at festival with your friends, dancing, laughing and watching sunset.. Ok, these are my memories with Little Dragon but I guess you have your own, unique feelings related to their music. By the way Yukimi's style is a wonderful inspiration! Her style is unique and so fresh. Truly pleasure to watch her, especially live.

It's that time to transform
To come around, I'm changing
Ooh, there's an angel knocking at my window
Tryna tell me where to go next
It's a small town without you
It feels cold, it's creepin'
I'm moving on, I look ahead instead

Below few photos of our handy selected vintage pearls. Check our Etsy shop, you will find these cuties there!

And my favourite song, live. Do like to dance? You have to!

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