come inside us

The bird is right.

I wanna tell you the story from a videoclip of Who Made Who. 
The guy made a list, 10 things he wants to do before he turns 40. He started to live according the list. He checked each point but he was sad anyway. 
'Why don't I feel a god damn thing? He wanted to find out and change it.  He started to observe his co-workers.
'They look happy enough. I wonder what their lists are gonna look like. Clearly their achievements exceed my own. Maybe I just need to buy more stuff..' 

Suddenly something weird happened. Something like an enlightenment in the form of a bird. The bird said : 'You are not following your bliss. You live by other people's rules. Not your own. When was the last time you made a decision with your heart? If you do what you love, the world will see the best of you.. and it will respond with kindness and opportunity. Bird disappeared. 
The men thought: 'The bird is right. It's not too late to start over. As a boy I wanted to work at the zoo. It was all I ever talked about. What if I took a chance? He made a new list and decided. - I'm gonna go home. Get down $1000 brandy. Get out that expensive chainsaw I never use and go medieval on my earthly possessions.
He felt as if he dropped a big stone from his heart.'Oh God, I feel so much better already.. This is it! We are gonna eat this cake. Talk about our feelings and then..then  I'm turning over a new leaf..'

What's the moral? We don't have to push ourselves to the limit especially if the limits aren't created by us..this is madness :)

ps. All story in music video below photos. Side B is my favourite, tune is excellent. THIS IS MADNESS!
Listen to this wonderful piece of music and good story. WhoMadeWho are terrific, they seem to be wise as well :) truly recommend!

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